Our water bill was designed to provide useful information and to help you understand your usage/consumption and the charges on your bill.  A monthly review of the bill could help you detect a leak or assist you in water conservation.

No. 1 - This portion of the bill shows the customer account number, the on/by due date for the bill and the amount due if the bill is paid after the due date.  This portion also contains the billing address information.  You may check the box in the lower left to indicate a change in contact information and record the change on the back of the form (a change in contact information does not constitute a disconnect).  This part of the bill should be returned with your payment.

No. 2 - This portion of the bill shows the beginning balance, payments since the last bill and the beginning balance for this bill.  You will also see your service address, service dates (dates of the meter readings) and the meter number.

No. 3 - The meter readings are shown in this section of the bill and are labeled to show Previous and Current readings.  Subtracting the previous reading from the current reading gives you the number of gallons billed as usage.

No. 4 - This section breaks down the charges that make up the total monthly bill:

  • Water Base – The monthly service availability fee according to meter size
  • Usage – Gallons x Rate (currently $7.00 per 1,000 gallons)
  • DNR – Primacy Fee charged by Mo. Dept. of Natural Resources
  • Tax-Sales tax based on your location

No. 5 - This section contains messages specific to your account or to all Consolidated Water customers.

Water Bill Sample