Water District History

Consolidated Public Water Supply District No. 1 of Boone County, Mo. was formed in 1975 from the consolidation of three existing water districts: Boone County PWSD #5, #6 and #8. This consolidation marked the first of its kind in the State of Missouri. In 2000, the District consolidated with PWSD #7 of Boone County and that was followed in 2007 by addition of PWSD #3 of Boone County, the City of Rocheport and in 2018 the Town of Harrisburg. The District’s service area encompasses primarily the southern half and west central portions of Boone County, the southeast corner of Howard County and a small portion of southwestern Callaway County. Today, Consolidated Water serves approximately 384 square miles.

Other District Facts:
-Over 9,400 water meters serving a population of approximately 24,000.
-Thirteen deep wells have a pumping capacity of over 10 million gallons per day.
-Ten storage facilities with a total capacity of over 5 million gallons.
-Over 650 miles of transmission and distribution water mains.
-Four separate pressure zones with numerous subzones.

To help ensure adequate water supply in case of emergencies, Consolidated Water has interconnections with the City of Columbia, the City of Ashland and adjoining Water District.